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WHY this book?

This book was written by a pastor, educator, and transformational life coach who wants to encourage people– particularly young people– to find their purpose serving God, even through adversity and pain. 

WHO will be the raving fans of this book?

People who like daily devotionals will enjoy this book, formatted in fifty short, bite–sized devotionals. Young people will relate to the author's experiences recounted in the book. People who are searching for purpose through difficulty will find encouragement in the book. 

The raving fan of this book will be someone who already embraces a faith in God, most likely from an evangelical theological perspective and who is looking to be inspired, motivated and encouraged in their faith. 

Because of the simplicity of the writing, this book can be used as an outreach tool to encourage a new believer, or a person who has spiritual inclinations but who  may be young in their personal faith walk.

HOW will the book benefit the reader?

This book will benefit the reader by providing motivation to discover ones' purpose in serving God and building His Kingdom. It provides encouragemnt that this is possible even through adversity, pain, and difficult circumstances.

What makes this book unique?

The devotionals are brief and mostly drawn from the authors personal experiences (or those of people he knows) as a pastor, teacher, and from sports. Each devotional ends with an "affirmation" which gives a positive, affirming thought to be embraced by the reader, summing up the message of the devotional. 

Stepping Into Greatness

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