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When life throws you a curve, what do you do: Duck? Dodge? Hide? Retreat? Whine? Lament?


Let’s face it, pain and suffering in this life is unavoidable. When trouble comes – here’s what you do… 

Relaxing Outdoor

In this groundbreaking new book, Jay Vinson offers sound, principles and solutions to help you move beyond the struggle to encounter VICTORY.

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This book is unlike any other you may have read. Learn:

  • ​ How to overcome depression

  • The secret to ignoring the discouragers 

  • Unleashing your internal healing power

  • Adopting the right mindset

  • Embracing your true destiny

  • Knowing your enemy and how to defeat him

  • Why forgiveness is so important


You don't have to be a victim any longer. God created you to WIN! 



Jay Vinson 


I know a thing or two about failure and success. As a certified youth, spiritual, health and wellness life coach I am confident I can guide you to new levels of accomplishment and significance in your own life. 


As a minister of the Gospel, speaker, pastor, entrepreneur and teacher, I am committed to helping you align your life around the purposes of God and discover the keys you need to succeed. 

This new book shares not only some of my story but will help you in rewriting your own story. 

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"Jay Vinson has written a very practical guide that will facilitate your navigating the arduous journey of resilience. This tool will expedite your journey and propel you towards your destiny!"

Bishop Dale C. Bronner, D. Min.

Founder/Senior Pastor 

Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral

Atlanta, GA

Why is it that some people just seem to bounce back no matter what life throws at them?

You know the type, the people that always seem to have a good attitude, that have a knack for seeing the "glass half full." It's easy to think "Well they just have a charmed life.
They don't have to deal with the problems and challenges I face."

But don't be fooled...

The difference between the winners and losers, the ones who seem to thrive and experience blessing in life is not luck or privilege. No, it's learning how to move forward despite the pain and problems. 

This is the "secret sauce" to life that I want you to experience! It's why I wrote this give you the tools to experience and embrace all that God has for you

There are lots of ways  you can spend your time and your money. Isn't your happiness, your blessing, worth the very small investment it will require of you to order this book and give it a read?

Don't let life's setbacks rob you of your destiny. Learn how to turn roadblocks into stepping stones to greatness.


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